I just want to say a general thank you, to anyone who sees this, liked or reblogged my artwork, or who follows me. I never in a million years would think that my just-for-fun doodles and sketches would reach over 7,600 notes in only four short months (since joining Clone Club). That’s crazy, man. I can’t believe it and it is so motivating to me, and makes me feel crazy good. I have never received so much positive feedback in my life.

To be honest, I struggle a lot with depression, and staying positive and motivated, especially when it comes to my work, my passion - my art. When I found Orphan Black, something changed. I was inspired and in awe of everything about it. I’ve wanted to be a comic artist since I was 8 years old, and started writing / drawing my own series in 2009. I’ve realized through OB that I want to eventually transition my series to TV and maybe my career to storyboarding for the film industry. This crazy little show has given me back that passion I had when I was younger; that I can take a crazy story idea of mine and maybe make it a reality someday. I began doodling Orphan Black characters for fun and it’s made me a better artist and fueled something inside of me. A lot of things in my life today are uncertain, to say the least. But the support I’ve found here has given me a hope, that everything will fall into place when the time comes.

I love being a part of this fandom, Clone Club is seriously the best. No other fan base is as accepting and loving as this one. We are so supporting of each other and that is such a rarity - something to truly treasure. We do make a family, and that’s awesome. I think I can say I’ve made some friends here and that’s something that’s helped me a lot. I think Clone Club is so amazing because we have the greatest role model anyone could ask for, and Tat’s positivity spreads through Clone Club like a tsunami (a good one!).

So, thank you for making my Tumblr experience so amazing and helping me grow my passion in a positive space.

Anonymous asked:

hey talent girl, u cut yourself? in photos your arm is covered in bruises or it's nothing? i love your drawings<3 xx

Thanks! Yes, I did for three years in high school pretty badly. I could honestly write a book about my high school days. No bruises, but many scars….I’m not ashamed of it, or talking about it. And I am proud to be 4 years (and 13 days) clean.


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1) What happened in the last dream you remember? Shit man, I literally don’t remember the last dream I had. I’m basically dead when I sleep.

2) Invent a sport. Rollerblade Frisbee, that is my childhood right there.

3) Favorite line in your favorite show/movie? (Anything by Cosima) and I can’t remember what movie this was from, but “You see a mess, I see a pattern known only to me.”

4) What’s something that annoys you but you need anyways? Probably food, like I normally just forget to eat until I’m half passing out and I’m like ugh, fine. And then I can’t find anything that I’m in the mood for.

5) What is the worst accidental injury you’ve had to endure? Breaking (by hyper-extending) my ring finger in 8th grade soccer (I’m a GK), but I still played the whole season without tape or anything. I absolutely loathe finger guards in gloves and would rather break my finger again than play with them.

6) Pick two animals that you would like to see the combination of. Does Helena and Delphine count? Imagine.

7) If you’re part of an OTP who/what is the other half? Oh god, I have no idea. Feel free to tell me though, man.

8) Random talent you wish you had? The ability to start or carry a conversation. I am an awkwardly shy introvert and it sucks so much.

9) What’s your favorite condiment? Ketchuppp.

10) If you were a weapon what would you be? Pfft the Master Sword.

11) What’s the most interesting thing you’ve gotten in the mail? A love letter from a girl I met in the hospital when I was 16…It got more awkward after like the 9th one without responding to her.


1. What does your first name mean?

2. If you HAD to go back in time, what is one thing you’d change?

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11. Is Kira a lizard?

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So my mom and I were just looking up art colleges and while looking at one in San Fran, we noticed all the housing buildings were named after famous artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci Hall.

My favorite artist is MC Escher, so I asked her, “What the hell, why isn’t there an Escher Hall?” And without missing a beat she says,

"Because you wouldn’t be able to get up the stairs."

If you don’t think that’s the funniest shit you need to google MC Escher and come back to this.