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Just found your blog... you go to scad... I GO TO SCAD!!!!!!! What year are you in?

Hey! I actually am not started yet. I was accepted and supposed to start two years ago, and this fall, but financially wasn’t able to. I’ve been trying to go for a long time now! I am most likely going to be moving down to Savannah sometime this fall though. I’m jealous! What major are you?

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  • Name: LC
  • Nickname: ^
  • Birthday: March 4th (insert ‘march forth’ pun)
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Not the most interesting thing about me… Okay, gay.
  • Height: 5’3” 
  • Time zone: EST
  • What time and date is it there: August 30, 11:10am
  • Average hours of sleep I get each night: Not usually something I calculate, my bad.
  • OTPs: Cophine
  • The last thing I Googled was: I was looking for a Fire Emblem rom.
  • First word(s) that come(s) to mind: Um.
  • What I last said to a family member: “I can’t hear you.” lol
  • One place that makes me happy and why: Savannah, GA because it’s where I belong. It’s serenity on Earth to me.
  • How many blankets I sleep under: No blankets…but 3 covers.
  • Favorite beverage: Mountain Dew.
  • The last movie I watched in the cinema: Probably Spider-Man…I have no idea, it’s so expensive I rarely go.
  • Three things I can’t live without: Drawing, my phone… money - jk I already do that.
  • Something I plan on learning eventually: How to self-publish a series. How to be contently happy. I’m also learning French though, so I’d like to finish learning that.
  • A piece of advice for all my followers: Everything happens for a reason, really. You might not understand it now, but eventually you will. Always believe and trust that the best has not happened yet.
  • You have to listen to this song: I’d say “More Than Miles” by Brantley Gilbert. Kind of the metaphor of my life.
  • My blog(s): Just this one.

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Your Orphan Black pictures are awesome *-* I really like the way you draw Sarah and Cosima!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it :)


Why do you like Delphine how can you trust her" -anon

oh my god. oh no. anon you have not seen the light yet, let me convert you to the team delphine defense league.

So basically the only people who dont like Delphine are the ones who have not seen farther than 1x08, or just dont like her for reasons i cant fathom.

People dont like her cause she fucks up. But she fucks up for Cosima’s best interest. She thinks about Cosima’s safety all the time that she would endure Cosima being mad at her just for her to be safe.


example is this scene. Yes Delphine betrayed Cosima, I know what she did was wrong. But she did it because she seriously thought that Cosima is in danger. (and she banged cosima in beige underwear. you dont bang someone in beige undies, unless you werent planning on it)

And the fight scene at 2x07. Delphine didn’t tell Cosima that they were Kira’s stem cells cause she knew that Cosima wouldn’t approve. "You have one way forward and this is it." Delphine knew that Cosima is running out of time. She knew that Cosima wouldn’t approve, and if she found out there would be a big chance that she’d hate Delphine for it. Yet Delphine still did it. Why? Cause she loves Cosima so much that she would rather choose Cosima to hate her and live, rather than Cosima to die.

which brings us to this very important scene


"its just not me, its us. You have to love all of us."

"Then I love all of you."

Delphine just promised to love all of Cosima’s sisters even tho she didnt have to. Delphine just promised to love some girls that she never met because it would mean so much to Cosima. And look at how fast she says it. She didn’t even think about it. She would do anything that Cosima would ask her in a heartbeat.

And what’s better is, we see said promise take into action the next episode. (aka another moment delphine fucked up in the name of love) alot of people hated her for this but HEY. She didn’t fucking know. Rachel set her up. But even tho she was set up she still managed to meet Sarah and warn her. She warned Sarah when she didn’t have to because of her promise to Cosima. And when she realizes that she fucked up where does she go? To Cosima, obvs. So she can apologize for the mistake that she made.

Also don’t forget that Delphine helped save Sarah and Kira by sending Rachel’s itinerary to Cosima. How she got hold of said itinerary I want to know. Delphine knew that she was being sent away. She knew that she might never see Cosima again. So what does she do? She still finds a way to help Cosima. This girl is being sent across the ocean and she might never see the love of her life ever again and yet she still manages to help her girlfriend.

Delphine just absolutely loves Cosima with all of her heart and it’s killing me. I mean look at this.


I’m pretty sure monitors weren’t trained to look that happy when they see their subjects.


and here we have Delphine being amazed by Cosima’s intelligence. 


heart eyes motherfucker.


someone look at me the way delphine looks at cosima.

Delphine Cormier is the most selfless, loving, and intelligent woman that I have ever known. This girl would jump in front of a bullet for Cosima and that is why you should trust her.

Delphine; friend or foe? I think the answer’s pretty obvious.



Of all the monitors so far; Paul, Donnie, Greg and I’m gonna say Tomas too, Delphine is the only one to not abuse her subject, to subject them to repetitive physiological and physical torment, abandon them or hold them against their will. Of all the monitors so far, Delphine has been the most respectful, the most supportive, the most invested and the most human to her subject. So, why is she so hated? Paul refused to let Beth leave their relationship, kept hounding her and forcing her to stay and later, packed up everything an abandoned Sarah all together. Donnie lied to his wife for over ten years, chucked her in rehab and attempted to abandon her and their children in the middle of the night. Greg kept Jennifer in the dark and as Cosima put it, gave her a ‘false hope’. Tomas, whether or not you want to address him as a monitor, was undoubtedly someone in an authoritative position overseeing the life of a clone and he abused the shit out of Helena for most of her life. 

I’m not saying Delphine hasn’t done her fair share of shady shit and I’ll admit it took me a very long time to trust her but once I did, I found that I agreed with all of her actions. Each and every action Delphine has done since meeting Cosima has been done in Cosima’s best interest (or so she was led to believe) and I think she absolutely has redeemed herself for the times her actions have been frowned upon. And in actuality, the amount of times she has put her own neck on the line or challenged those in authority has far outweighed the times the other monitors have done so. 

I think the thing that people tend to overlook with Delphine is that despite she is smart, she is also easily persuaded, not just by others but by herself. Evelyne put it really nicely actually; when we do bad things we do them for the right reasons, or at least what we consider to be our right reasons. We seem to forgive Cosima for making mistakes but we can’t do the same for Delphine? 

I think we forget just how quickly things have progressed in the OB world because in reality, it’s been two and a half years. But in just a few days, this girl who came to ‘the brave new world’ was completely captivated by her assigned subject and not because this was a once in a lifetime experience to be apart of a huge scientific development but because she saw the human in Cosima. And in just a few days, she let down all inhibitions and fell in love with her subject. And in just a few days, she realised that what she was apart of was much bigger than just a science project - it’s a life or death situation. 

When Cosima has needed space, Delphine has given it to her. When Cosima has needed help, Delphine has given it to her. When Cosima has needed information, Delphine has given it to her. When Cosima has needed friendship, Delphine has given it to her. When Cosima has needed love, Delphine has given it to her.

You wanna say Delphine can’t be trusted? That she’s a baddie? That she’s using Cosima? Perhaps have a look at her track record in comparison to the other monitors first - the users, abusers, liars, tormentors and the abandoners fuelled by egocentrism and the promise of a better life.

Because of all the monitors, she is the safest, the strongest, the loyalist, the most selfless and by far the bravest.